New Jersey Governor Christie Blocks Marriage Equality

Written by scott on May 17th, 2013

New Jersey Governor Cris ChristieAs the movement is beginning to spread across the country, one state reaches an empass. New Jersey polled over 800 people of which 62% were in favor of marriage equality. However Gov Christie vows to veto any legislation that is pass on to his desk. Does he believe he will have a better chance to run for president if he stands on the wrong side of the tracks? More than likely so.

There seem to be small pockets of states that feel they can hold their ground.  Texas and Arizona hold steadfast while Nevada is beginning to look hopeful.  If only the supreme court would deliver a favorable opinion to eliminate both DOMA as well as prop 8.  Then make all states that amended their constitutions to bar gay marriage to vacate that amendment, perhaps 2013 could be the year of change the Mayan’s meant.

With Minnesota now legalizing same sex marriage and Illinois just waiting to get the subject on the voting block, perhaps the midwest could follow the way of the New England states.  What this country needs are a few influential people to back marriage equality and get this movement into full throttle.

Is it a question of fear of exposure or just plain apathy?  There are those who still remember  ” Stonewall” of 69 and the impact it had on the lgbt movement.  We need that same momentum to make the movement build and move in a more positive  direction.  The question is when will that happen?


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