Washington, USA: Florist Who Turned Away Gay Couple Countersues

Written by scott on May 16th, 2013

WashingtonRemember the florist who turned away her long-term gay clients because they wanted flowers for their wedding day? Now she’s suing the state. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal ministry, filed suit on behalf of Stutzman Thursday in Benton County Superior Court, the Tri-City Herald reported. “Everyone knows that plenty of florists are willing to assist in same-sex ceremonies, so the state has no reason to force Barronelle to violate her deeply held beliefs,” Senior Legal Counsel Dale Schowengerdt said in a statement.

Whenever there’s a lawsuit like this, scratch the surface and you’ll find the odious Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly the Alliance Defense Fund) behind it. One more thing to thank Arizona for.

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  1. John A. Leopard says:

    You could make the same argument to support racial or religious discrimination, that there are plenty of businesses who cater to Jews or African-Americans, so why can’t they cater only to white Christians? It’s an old argument that never flies.

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