California, USA: Anti Marriage Equality Lawyer Admits to Same Sex Attractions

Written by scott on June 3rd, 2013

Pacific Justice Institute logoAn anti marriage equality attorney has admitted to feeling same sex attraction as a teenager, Gay Star News reports:

Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus has admitted to past same-sex attractions in a discussion with gay rights activist and YouTube personality Jeff 4 Justice and has apologized for a 2008 speech he gave which referenced Nazism and Adolph Hitler in speaking about same-sex marriage. ‘We all have our things we’re working through. I have my dark closet like everyone else,’ Dacus said while speaking to Jeff about human sexuality. Asked if he had ever experienced same-sex attractions Dacus said ‘In early adolescence that’s very common.’

As we learn over and over again, we are our own worst enemy.

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  1. Max says:

    I’m an out gay teacher and have onserved Dacus in my dealings with the loathsome PJI. Let’s just say this revelation does not come as a shock.

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