California, USA: Twenty Five Days Until the Gay Weddings Begin?

Written by scott on June 26th, 2013

Prop 8 OverLooks like it will be close to a month before we can actually start marrying again in California. SDGLN reports:

Received copy of Supreme Court opinion dated 06/26/2013. The judgment or mandate of this Court will not issue for at least twenty-five days pursuant to Rule 45. Should a petition for rehearing be filed timely, the judgment or mandate will be further stayed pending this Court’s action on the petition for rehearing. Supreme Court No: 12-144. [8682306] [10-16696, 11-16577] (RR)

In plain English – opponents have 25 days to ask for a re-hearing of the case. Even if they do, though, it’s very rarely granted.

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  1. Michael Barber says:

    Why would proponents of an initiative get another chance? Makes no sense to me. Judge Walker’s ruling blew every one of their religious bigot points into outerspace.

  2. Thomas Bishop says:

    So I am gay and have a boyfriend in the Philippines for over 2 years now, have been there for 9 months in PH to visit him, I want to bring him here and marry him in the US. What do I need to do now to start the process to get him here in order to NOW legally marry him in the US!!! and get him a green card? Any help would be appreciate?

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