Italy, USA: New Rome Mayor Promised Civil Unions for City

Written by scott on June 11th, 2013

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The Rome mayoral candidate, Ignazion Marino, who promised to bring civil unions for gays and lesbians to Rome, was just elected to the job. Linda Giovanna Zambanini reports:

Ignazio Marino (Pd – center-left party), the Gay-friendly Roman mayoral candidate who has promised to bring Civil Unions and LGBT civil rights to Rome, was elected yesterday in a landslide victory over Rome’s right wing neo-Fascist Mayor, Gianni Alemanno (Pdl – Berlusconi’s party).

“We freed Rome from the fascists,” chanted Mr Marino’s supporters at their victory rally, referring to Mr. Alemanno’s neo-fascist street thug origins. In 2008, Alemanno became Rome’s first right-wing mayor since WWII, bringing a homophobic chill to the air.

Mayor Marino, said that Rome, as the capital, would now guide Italy with its moral leadership toward a more progressive future. In a stunning victory, the Pd swept Italian mayoral elections, electing liberal Gay-friendly candidates in ALL 16 big towns and cities across Italy.

In interviews Marino has said: “I believe homosexuals must have recognition of the same rights as everyone else. Respect of rights is fundamental.” and ” It’s not possible that a city like Rome there continues to be crimes and offenses driven by homophobia. In my city I don’t want violence of this type and I will fight it.” And “Diversity is a resource.” He also said he and his administration would go further, to introduce school programs to educate children on gay rights.

Congratulations to Rome, for electing this breath of fresh air to replace the stench of Fascist homophobia! Avanti!

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