USA, California: Governor Brown Orders County Clerks to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gays and Lesbians

Written by scott on June 26th, 2013

Prop 8 OverAs soon as the Ninth Circuit Court confirms the stay on marriage equality has been lifted, Governor Jerry Brown has ordered county clerks to start providing marriage licenses to same sex couples:

“I have directed the California Department of Public Health to advise the state’s counties that they must begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in California as soon as the Ninth Circuit confirms the stay is lifted,” Brown said in a statement. While certificates are likely flying out of the hands of County clerks right now, Shasta County clerk Cathy Darling Allen says it may be some time before same-sex marriages can officially proceed. “My understanding is we’ll have some kind of a waiting period in terms of start date,” she told the LA Times. “Twenty-five to 30 days is what I’ve been told, but that feels kind of speculative. But it’s not going to be Friday. It’s going to be at some point in the future.”

Marriage equality is coming back to California – let there be dancing in the streets!

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