USA, California: Mormon Mother Who Supported Prop 8 Now Thinks Gay Son is a Blessing

Written by scott on June 23rd, 2013

Mormon Gay SonIn a new film getting its premiere at the Frameline film festival in San Francisco, a Mormon mother talks about the discovery that her son is gay. On Top Magazine reports:

Families Are Forever chronicles the experience of Californians Wendy and Tom Montgomery, who say they didn’t know one of their six children was gay when they were working for Proposition 8’s passage in 2008. Jordan, now 14, says in the film that he considered suicide. “To be honest, before my son came out, I didn’t know any other families who had gay kids,” Wendy told ABC News. “It’s one of the things that’s not talked about in my church, which makes it so much harder to deal with and know who to go to for help… I am a better person for having a gay son. I love differently, and I love more openly. I didn’t realize the judgment I had before I realized that having a gay son was a great blessing and not a burden.”

One of the first things I realized when I first knew that I was gay, even before I truly accepted it, was that this was something that had been given to me to give me the ability to empathize with others who are different than myself. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that who we are is a gift.

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