Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son

Written by scott on July 2nd, 2013

2013-06-21-ryanprofile1Our friend Arturo Schultz ran across this and shared it with us. It’s beautiful and wonderful and heartbreaking, as a Christian family struggles to come to terms with their gay son. From the Huffington Post – after reuniting with their now-adult son:

Over the next 10 months, we learned to truly love our son. Period. No buts. No conditions. Just because he breathes. We learned to love whomever our son loved. And it was easy. What I had been so afraid of became a blessing. The journey wasn’t without mistakes, but we had grace for each other, and the language of apology and forgiveness became a natural part of our relationship. As our son pursued recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, we pursued him. God taught us how to love him, to rejoice over him, to be proud of the man he was becoming. We were all healing, and most importantly, Ryan began to think that if we could forgive him and love him, then maybe God could, too.

Read the whole thing. It will touch your heart – if only every family with a newly-outed child would read this…


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