USA: Binational Couples Flooding Immigration Offices

Written by scott on July 2nd, 2013

Gay WeddingNow that married binational same sex couples can now request a green-card for the foreign-born partner, these couples are flooding into immigration offices around the country. McClatchy reports:

Same-sex couples have been flooding [immigration attorney Cara] Jobson’s office since Wednesday with requests for help applying for a green card for a foreign spouse, she said. Kirkbride and Kurzatkowska filed their papers Friday. The process includes filling out forms, getting a medical exam for the spouse applying for the green card, and showing that the foreign spouse won’t be a financial burden to the U.S., Jobson said. The foreign spouse also has to prove that he or she entered the country legally. Then, in about three months, the couple is called in for an interview, in which they have to show that they have a “bona fide” marriage, in that they share finances, or insurance, or children. If approved, the foreign spouse will soon receive a green card in the mail. After three years, the green card holder can apply for U.S. citizenship, as long as the couple is still married and living together.

I can only imagine the immense relief of these couples at the decision, and the frustration and anger that it took so long to get here.

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