Australia: Treasurer Thinks Marriage Equality Stance Will Bring Votes; Senate Leader Opposes Referendum

Written by scott on August 13th, 2013

ACT Treasurer Andrew BarrA couple updates out of Australia today. First off, the ACT Deputy Chief Minister and Treasurer Andrew Barr thinks Paul Rudd’s commitment to a marriage equality vote in Parliament could win his party some seats in next month’s election. Pink News reports:

The ACT Deputy Chief Minister and Treasurer Andrew Barr, has predicted that Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s commitment to introduce same-sex marriage could bring with it a political advantage in several seats in next month’s election… Barr, who entered a civil union with his partner Anthony Toms in 2009 praised Mr Rudd’s decision. “Not only is it the right thing to do, I suspect that there will be a political outcome for him,” Mr Barr said.

Australian Senate President Penny WongAnd in other news, Penny Wong, the lesbian leader of the Australian Senate, rejected calls for a referendum on marriage equality. Pink News reports:

The leader of the Australian Senate says she’s not in favour of a referendum on equal marriage – despite supporting marriage rights for same-sex couples. Senator Penny Wong told Australia’s Insight programme: “The reason I don’t support a referendum has been demonstrated in the debate thus far – I don’t believe that I want to be put in a situation…or I want the country and community in a situation, where some of the hateful things that have been said in this debate become so central to the public discourse.

We remember all to well the Prop 8 Campaign here in California…

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