USA: Majority of Bisexuals Stay in the Closet, New Poll Says

Written by scott on August 9th, 2013

titleA Pew Research Center poll revealed a surprising fact about Bisexual Americans – only 12% are out to friends and family. Edge Boston reports:

While 77 percent of gays and 71 percent lesbians said they are out with most of the important people in their lives, only 28 percent of bisexuals said the same. A mere 12 percent of bisexual men said they are out with friends and family. The poll highlights a gap that speaks not only to different coming out experiences, but also to a community in which bisexuals don’t feel as accepted as the acronym might suggest. So in a time of monumental strides toward equality, why do the majority of bisexuals – the largest segment of the LGBT community – stay in the closet?

I’ve never understood the stigma that’s been attached to being bisexual. While I consider myself 100% gay and may not therefore fully understand it, I could say the same for my straight friends and family, and yet I expect them to support me. So why should we treat our bisexual friends and family any differently?

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