USA, New Jersey: State to File Defense of Civil Unions law

Written by scott on August 2nd, 2013

New JerseyA lawsuit to bring marriage equality to the Garden State is moving ahead. The Washington Post reports:

Lawyers for New Jersey are expected to defend the state’s civil unions for same-sex couples as opposed to gay marriage. Legal papers are due Friday in a lawsuit filed by gay couples and their children who say New Jersey’s civil unions fall short of a court mandate that gay couples be treated the same as married couples.

I wonder if New Jersey will beat Illinois to the punch…

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  1. Ned says:

    No civil union or domestic partnership is ever equal to full marriage, because only full marriage qualifies a couple for the 1,138 federal marriage-related benefits (Supreme Court decision, Windsor v. U.S., 26 June 2013).

    Therefore, the NJ state attorney’s argument will fail.

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