Italy: Threatening Letter From Vatican Shuts Down Gay Kiss Exhibit

Written by scott on September 29th, 2013
Gay Kiss Exhibit

Photo by Gonzalo Orquin

The Vatican’s lawyers sent a threatening letter to a gallery in Rome, forcing gallery to cancel a gay exhibit.

Towleroad reports:

The Vatican this week blocked an exhibition of photos by artist Gonzalo Orquin that featured gay couples kissing in Churches in Rome. The exhibition entitled, “Trialogo” was scheduled to open at the Galleria L’Opera. However, once the Vatican sent a letter threatening legal action, declaring, “the church is against the exhibition,” and invoking the Italian constitution to make its case, Orquin consulted with his lawyers and decided to pull the exhibit for “security reasons.” The Huffington Post reports:

Vicariate spokesman Claudio Tanturri told The Local that the photos violate the Italian constitution. “Italian constitutional law safeguards an individual’s religious feeling and the function of places of worship,” he said. “Therefore photos that are not suitable and do not conform to the spirituality of the place offend and infringe upon the advancement of man in the particular place for the expression of faith”.

So now religious freedom extends to blocking photos of churches?

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  1. the only country in western Europe that has no sort of state recognitionof gay couples

    the country of Machiavelli – the end justifies the means

    The country where faciszm originated

    the country all but run by the church

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