United Kingdom: More Thank 60K Civil Partnerships in 7 Years

Written by scott on October 8th, 2013

titleA new report gives us an idea of how many UK citizens took advantage of the country’s civil partnerships law over the last 7 years.

Pink News reports:

More than 60,000 civil partnerships have taken place in the UK since the legislation first came into force, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show. The average age of men forming a civil partnership in 2012 was 40, while for women the average age was 37.6. The average age at which heterosexual men get married is 30.8 years, while heterosexual women are typically aged 28.9 years when they tie the knot. Over the eight-year period between civil partnership legislation coming into force in December 2005 and the end of December 2012, 60,454 civil partnerships were formed in the UK, equivalent to 120,908 civil partners.

How many of these couples will now get married when the new law comes into effect next year?

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