USA, New Jersey: Governor Christie Will Comply with Supreme Court’s Order on Same-Sex Weddings

Written by scott on October 19th, 2013

New Jersey Governor Chris ChristieNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he will comply with the state Supreme Court’s order that same-sex weddings can begin on Monday.

Edge Boston reports:

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak says in a statement that the governor “firmly believes that this determination should be made by all the people of the state of New Jersey.” But he says the state Health Department will help towns carry out Friday’s state Supreme Court ruling. The court denied the Christie administration’s request to delay a lower-court order that the state recognize same-sex marriage beginning Monday. Same-sex marriages will begin within days in New Jersey after the state’s highest court ruled unanimously Friday to uphold a lower-court order that gay weddings must start Monday and to deny a delay that was sought by Gov. Chris Christie’s administration.

In related news, NOM’s Brian Brown activist judges blah blah blah.

Joe.My.God reports:

“It is extremely disappointing that the New Jersey Supreme Court has allowed the ruling of an activist judge to stand pending its appeal through the court system. The definition of marriage is something that should be decided by the people of New Jersey themselves, not by any judge or court. New Jerseyans should have the right to vote on this issue just as voters in nearly three dozen other states have done. In addition, the decision to allow same-sex ‘marriage’ to proceed even while the law is being tested in court is unfair both to the voters of the state and to same-sex couples themselves.”

Same old, same old.

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  1. tjchase says:

    Marriage is a civil union. You must pay for an application and have your marriage registered with a government agency therefore it has nothing to do with the church. When it comes to civil rights no one should be allowed to vote against them. Our Constitution guarantees it.

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