USA, New Jersey: Governor Christie Won’t Change Mind on Marriage Equality

Written by scott on October 9th, 2013

New Jersey Governor Cris ChristieGovernor Chris Christie insists he won’t change his mind on marriage equality.

On Top Magazine reports:

As Christie, a possible 2016 Republican candidate for president, pressed the flesh at the Edison Diner, Bert Bueno, a straight woman, asked: “How come you’re in opposition?” “Listen: Lots of different people have different views on this,” Christie is quoted as saying by The Star-Ledger. “I think marriage is between a man and a woman. My view is: If you want to change it, put it on the ballot. Let everybody decide.”

Queerty elaborates in the conversation:

“But this is different than gun control or taxes,” Bueno interjected.

“No, I don’t think it is different,” the governor said.

“It’s a human rights issue,” Bueno insisted.

“Says you,” Christie responded.

And there you have it: for Christie, marriage equality is not a human rights issue.

Not surprising, but kinda sad.


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  1. Dr. Lawrence Schlatter says:

    Too bad. Good reason to work doubly hard against him if he is their nominee.

  2. Mike McDonald says:

    As a gay man and a human being in a relationship for 34 years, I am glad I have Governor Andrew Cuomo instead of Christie. That is all.

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