USA, Kentucky: Lesbian Couple Files for Divorce

Written by scott on November 3rd, 2013

KentuckyTesting Kentucky’s anti gay laws, a lesbian couple is attempting to file for divorce in the state.

Gay Star News reports:

Alysha and Rebecca Sue Romero married in Boston, Massachusetts in December 2009, but seperated in September this year. They filed for divorce on 25 October. However, as same-sex marriage is banned in Kentucky, and the state does not recognize such marriages performed elsewhere, the court will have not choice but to throw out their case. This may mean the couple could be forced to move back to Massachusetts and live there for a year to meet that state’s residency requirements before they are eligible for divorce. Alysha, 29, said: ‘I have a career here, a life here, and I think I should have the same right as a heterosexual to divorce here.’

Can you imagine having to give up your life and career just to get divorced?

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