USA, Texas State Follows in Oklahoma’s Footsteps, Won’t Process Benefits For Any National Guard Couples

Written by scott on November 27th, 2013

Texas Governor Rick PerryRick Perry decided to have Texas issue a giant “f*ck you” to his state’s National Guard couples.

America Blog explains:

Texas Governor Rick Perry has decided to no longer process benefits for heterosexual service members in the state, as a means of avoiding having to process such benefits for gay service members. It’s a veritable rerun of the South’s strategy during the civil rights era to shut down city schools and swimming pools, rather than let African-Americans spoil the racist fun through integration. The policy also had an added discriminatory benefit – by shutting down the pools, racist southern politicians hoped whites would blame blacks for the inconvenience.

It’s amazing the lengths these folks will go to in order to stick it to gay and lesbian couples.

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