The Amazing Melanie Nathan

Written by scott on December 29th, 2013

Melanie NathanAs many of you know, we have been out of commission for a few days after the death of my stepmother, which happened unexpectedly two days before Christmas.

Our dear friend and talented reporter and blogger Melanie Nathan immediately contacted us and offered her services to keep things going while we were spending time with my Father ands sorting things out.

For those of you who don’t know Melanie, she is an amazing blogger and reporter who has done some great reporting on LGBT rights in Africa, including confronting some of our staunchest foes there.

She runs her own blog, O-boog-dee-o-blog-da, and often contributes at the site GayUSA too. You can find her on Facebook here.

Please take a moment to check out her blogs and Facebook page. We are indebted to her, and are thrilled that she has agreed to post to Gay Marriage Watch on an ongoing basis, as her frequently full schedule allows.

Thanks, Melanie – love you!


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