USA, Texas: Fort Worth Reception Hall Turns Away Second Same-Sex Couple

Written by scott on December 14th, 2013
Melissa Caposello, right, and Carrie Caposello

Melissa Caposello, right, and Carrie Caposello

A reception hall that turned away a gay couple’s wedding in February has now turned away a lesbian couple as well.

The Dallas Voice reports:

Melissa Caposello was disturbed when she contacted All Occasion Party Place Wednesday and was told the venue doesn’t believe in holding same-sex wedding receptions… When a woman answered the phone, Caposello said she and her partner were planning to marry next June and she asked about prices. The woman then asked if partner meant they were a same-sex couple, to which Caposello said she replied that they were. The woman then said the venue didn’t do same-sex weddings. “She said it was because we don’t believe in it,” Caposello said. “I just kind of was like ‘That’s incredibly odd,’ and she did not say anything. And I was like, ‘OK, well thank you very much.”

As time goes on, we hope these kinds of incidents become fewer and fewer. But in the meantime, it’s important that we support venues that support us.


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