I Have Had Enough

Written by scott on January 31st, 2014

Gay WeddingI have had enough of people being able to say ridiculous things about the LGBT community and get away with it. Most recently it was the star of the Bachelor who called us perverts. He also said that there should never be a gay Bachelor. Really, gay men and women can get married in 18 states but they shouldn’t be able to be on a TV show to find love?

I have reached the fatigue point. Why does the LGBT community continue to let this happen without any reprisals? Sure we complain, just like I am complaining, but we continue to support the shows and stars who speak this drivel. Worse, we also support politicians who speak the same inane words.

Here is what the national Republican Platform says about LGBT people:

“Defending Marriage Against An Activist Judiciary … It is an assault on the foundations of our society …” Oh yeah, those judges who have given us the right to marry whom we love, they are assaulting the foundations of our society. Ridiculous.

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  1. Lucinda says:

    Absolutely! I too have had enough, way more than enough. We MUST take a stand on the ballot box and with our finances.

  2. Rita says:

    I know how you feel hun. But we just have to be strong during these times. We have to fight what we can, and endure what we can’t. Not to get preachy, or anything. But It can be difficult, just stay strong. We have to be strong for each other. Give ourselves something to lean on.

  3. Kathleen O'Neill says:

    Sometimes you have to think about the source of criticism. Someone who puts himself on a show called The Bachelor? Not exactly a guru of good taste.

    As far as the politicians (and preachers)…all I can say is that their side of history is losing more and members. And if they think they can come slinking over to join the crowd (like rats deserting a sinking ship)…then they should just know, we’re taking names. At least I am.

    Sometimes karma comes around quicker than you’d think. Two years ago, almost to the day, I was sitting in a recovery room after my mother’s heart surgery, and banging out a diatribe about the governor of our state, who had vetoed a marriage equality bill that had just passed through the state legislature. It wasn’t even on his desk for 24 hours, but he couldn’t move fast enough to let his right wing supporters that he would keep the country free from gay marriage, if they elected him as the next president.

    It didn’t do any good to write it, but I figured I could keep it around, it might be fun to read again.

    And so it was; I savored each word as I watched and read the breaking scandal of Bridgegate. It was even nicer that one of the legislators instrumental in bringing this to light was a Senator Weinberg, a staunch LGBT supporter, and co-author of a book on marriage equality, “What’s Love Got to Do with It?

    I will be the first person to say if a someone is being accused unfairly, or penalized in a way that’s out of proportion with the crime. But if Bridgegate ruins his presidential aspirations, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person than Chris Christie,

  4. Jim Richards says:

    Stop watching the bachelor, stop buying the sponsors products and let them know, stop going to the churches that don’t support LGBT people (think Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Methodist, Mormon, etc), Don’t vote for people who are not supportive of LGBT people, Stop buying products and services from companies that don’t support LGBT people and let them know (Think Exxon and many others), Don’t watch the Olympics or go to Russia. Shop at Costco and not Sam’s Club. Then get out and speak against them and their bigotry, picket, protest, write letters, campaign for people who support LGBT people, contribute to their political campaigns, run for office yourself, get people together to run and pay for ads on radio and TV showing how bigoted and ignorant, simpleminded these people are. In case you ask, yes I have done all of this. Get off your butts and work as hard as these people. We may only be a few percent of the population but we have to scream to be heard.

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