New Zealand: 1/4 of Same Sex Weddings Are Australians

Written by scott on January 24th, 2014

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Australians are flocking to New Zealand to marry.

Pink News reports:

Nearly a hundred Australian same-sex couples have resorted to travelling to New Zealand to get married since August. 47 female couples and 50 male couples have made the journey from Australia, since New Zealand’s equal marriage law came into effect in August. 361 same-sex couples in total have so far tied the knot in New Zealand, meaning that Australians alone make up over a quarter of the total. Ten Chinese couples, four from Hong Kong, four from Britain and four from Thailand have also married in the country, as New Zealand does not restrict foreign couples from marrying there.

It’s really sad that these couples can’t get married at home, and that there’s no real prospect for this to change any time soon. Maybe the next left-wing government will decide to choose someone who’s not homophobic as their PM?

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