USA, California: Christian Caterer Refuses to Serve Gay Couple

Written by scott on January 8th, 2014

California Gay CoupleA same-sex couple got a rude surprise when they tried to book the services of a California caterer for their wedding.

The Advocate reports:

On November 26, Kama Kaina contacted Janet Zimmerman Catering with a request to cater his wedding to his longtime partner, Mathew Rivera. Zimmerman, who had been recommended by the couple’s planned venue in Big Bear, Calif., initially agreed. But several hours later, she sent an email expressing a change of heart because of her “Christian beliefs.” “Thank you for contacting me in regards to your upcoming wedding,” Zimmerman wrote to Kaina, according to an email forwarded to The Advocate. “I really appreciate that you were honest with me and gave me a heads up that this would be a same sex marriage. I hope that you will also appreciate when I am honest with you when I say that catering your wedding would comprise [sic] my Christian beliefs and I will be unable to accept this job. I am sure that you will be able to find someone who will better suit your needs.”

Why is it always the caterers? Is catering more Christian profession than others?

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  1. Vincent Bernhard says:

    I hope that these gentlemen sue to pants off the caterer. Should that happen time and again they’d be begging for our business.

  2. RIck says:

    How sad. Even if she believes that being gay is a sin (which I do not), it doesn’t follow with Jesus teaching to “Be a servant of all”.

  3. Jen Rockwell says:

    As a Christian, this story sickens me! I had a friend I grew up with who started her own photography business. I asked her if she would take our family pictures. When I mentioned that my best friend and his partner would be in the photos, she actually said to me, “I’ll have to pray about that.” I was so shocked and offended. I was a customer paying her for her services and more than that I was a friend and a fellow Christian. Jesus broke bread with thieves and murders and she can’t get paid to take pictures of a loving gay couple? WAKE UP CHRISTIANS!! We are called to love…not judge!

  4. Jennie says:

    Christian beliefs are a cop out for someone’s personal opinion to why they don’t approve of gays. It’s trash!!

  5. George Jonte-Crane says:

    Talk about playing God. This has gotten so out of hand. It all too much smacks of a “nanny-nanny-boo-boo” (in other words, sour grapes) over the progress we have made on same-sex marriage. No wonder people say Christianity is a dying breed.

  6. Terry says:

    I am tired of hearing about businesses open to the public refusing to do business with the sector of the public they don’t like. 60 years ago it could’ve been an interracial couple or a deadbeat dad

    These cases sicken me

  7. Melissa Montelongo says:

    As a lesbian I am sick of hearing these stories…. Move on, find someone who will make your food or cake out of love. WHy would you want someone to prepare the nourishment for your body and soul who has such bigotry and evil in their hearts? I would take it as a blessing. You can’t force others to accept your lifestyle or beliefs. Just like they can’t force their wacky religious beliefs on me. Part ways and move on…. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF QUALITY, CARING AND PASSIONATE PEOPLE WHO WILL TAKE YOUR BUSINESS!! I just went through this in September for my wedding. I literally asked people upfront if they were comfortable because I in no way wanted their negative energy to be a part of my special day with my wife and family.

  8. Michael says:

    So that means I can send a letter to an Asian couple, for instance, telling them that I can’t cater their wedding because it conflicts with my religious beliefs? That’s all there is to it?

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