USA, Virginia: Sore Loser Ken Cuccinelli Issued Anti-Gay Marriage Opinion in Final Days

Written by scott on January 13th, 2014

Virginia Attorney General Ken CuccinelliTaking one final stab at the LGBT community before leaving office, Virginia gubernatorial loser Ken Cuccinelli issued a pair of nonbonding opinions against marriage equality, benefits for gays, and restrictions on abortion.

The Pilot Online reports:

During his final days as attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli released a pair of nonbinding opinions that can be read as legal arguments against Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s campaign pledges to fight for gay rights and undo abortion restrictions.

In one, Cuccinelli, who lost to McAuliffe in the 2013 governor’s race, says a governor can’t order state officials to permit legally married gay couples to file joint Virginia tax returns because the state bans same-sex marriage and formal recognition of it. The other asserts that a governor lacks authority to “issue a policy directive to suspend a regulation that was properly adopted pursuant to a statutory mandate.” It appears to target intended protections for gay state employees and efforts to invalidate strict licensing rules for abortion clinics.

You almost have to admire Cuccinelli’s pure dickishness – he stuck with his bigotry until the bitter end.

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  1. Nan_in_MD says:

    I get cold chills when I remember how close we were to a Cuccinelli victory. That would have set the State of Virginia back a hundred years. It has a chance to join the twenty-first century now.

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