UK: Scotland Likely to Legalize Marriage Equality Today

Written by scott on February 4th, 2014

ScotlandIt looks like today is the day that marriage equality will come to Scotland.

Gay Star News reports:

People all over Scotland are awaiting the final vote today (4 February), finding out whether it will join the 16 other countries in the world to allow same-sex marriage. The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill is expected to be approved by parliament later today. But while a shock still could happen, it is looking likely it will pass around 6pm local time. Under the new legislation, religious bodies will be able to opt in to perform same-sex marriages but individual celebrants who feel it would go against their faith will be protected.

Reports vary as to when the law would take effect. Some say next year, but others say as soon as July or October of 2014.

Pink News is liveblogging the event, although we had some trouble with their site today.

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