USA, Kansas: Right to Discriminate Bill Advances, Full House Vote Today

Written by scott on February 12th, 2014

KansasA bill that would enshrine in state law the right to discriminate against same sex couples advanced yesterday in the House.

CJ Online reports:

The legislation that was debated for about two hours in the GOP-led House was characterized by advocates as an essential shield from government sanctions for anyone refusing to violate sincerely held religious beliefs regarding same-sex marriage. The bill advanced to final action Wednesday on a vote of 72-42. Democrats and other critics framed the bill as a discriminatory strike against Kansans in anticipation federal courts might overturn state bans — including Kansas’ — on the definition of legal marriage of anyone other than a man and a woman. “The bill is narrowly tailored to a small number of folks,” said Rep. Charles Macheers, a Shawnee Republican championing House Bill 2453. “It’s on the right side of history.”

I mean, seriously, don’t these folks have anything more important to do? You gotta wonder when the top of an elected official’s to-do list is “ok discrimination against gays”.

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