USA, Kansas: Senate Republicans Block “Right to Discriminate” Bill

Written by scott on February 17th, 2014

Kansas Senate President Susan WagleThe anti-gay marriage bill passed by the House that would have allowed anyone to discriminate against same sex couples has been stopped, for now.

Gay Star News reports:

The bill was passed by the state House of Representatives but has now been blocked in the senate where Republicans hold a 32 to 8 majority. Senate Republicans said that allowing government employees to legally discriminate in their duties went too far and that the bill would have to be amended before they could even consider passing it.

Businesses in Kansas can already legally discriminate against anyone they want to as the state has no anti-discrimination laws. ‘I believe that when you hire police officers or a fireman that they have no choice in who they serve. They serve anyone who’s vulnerable, any age, any race, any sexual orientation, Republican Senate President Susan Wagle told the Wichita Eagle on Friday.

The bill could still be amended to allow businesses to discriminate.

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