USA, Washington: All Domestic Partnerships to Become Weddings on June 30th

Written by scott on February 17th, 2014

Washington State Marriage Equality Repeal Effort6,500 couples who entered into domestic partnerships before the marriage equality law was passed in Washington state are about to get a letter from the state. reports:

Washington state plans to convert thousands of domestic partnerships to marriages on June 30, the Seattle Times reports: It’s the final piece of the state’s same-sex marriage law — a provision about which many couples are apparently unaware and one sure to trigger some uncomfortable conversations… Those being plunged into matrimony will no doubt include couples who simply hadn’t given it much thought. Or there will be those who broke up in the years since they registered as domestic partners, some of them now married — illegally — to other people. Some may be former Washington residents now living in other states — some in states where their partnerships aren’t recognized and where dissolution isn’t possible.

That should swell the ranks of married same sex couples a bit. Watch for legal fights for folks who got partnered in Washington state but live elsewhere, are now married there and can’t get divorced elsewhere.

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