USA, Oregon: Attorney General Accepts “Discrimination” Wording for Right to Discriminate Initiative

Written by scott on March 15th, 2014

Oregon Gay MarriageOregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum agreed with proponents of marriage equality that a proposed ballot initiative that would allow wedding vendors to refuse service to same sex couples should include the word discrimination. reports:

Proponents had avoided ballot measure language that mentioned the word ‘discrimination’ in their ‘Protect Religious Freedom Initiative’. Rosenblum disagreed, issuing a ballot title that reads:

“Religious belief” exceptions to anti-discrimination laws for refusing services, other, for same-sex ceremonies, “arrangements”

This was the language sought by opponents of the ballot measure such as Oregon United for Marriage as it “makes clear this measure creates exemptions to non-discrimination laws.”

It seems likely that fewer people will sign a petition that clearly states what the initiative would do. Maybe this thing won’t make the ballot, after all.

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  1. MARTinNJ says:

    Will this ballot initiative even pass Oregan state or Federal constitutional muster?

    It pits ‘religious liberty’ against ‘equal protection’, but tries to extend religious liberty into the rhelm of commerce, where courts have traditionally drawn a line in favor of equal protection.

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