USA, New Hampshire: New Constitutional Amendment Threatened – For the Gays

Written by scott on April 3rd, 2014

In what’s likely a first, New Hampshire is considering a constitutional amendment that would actually protect gays from discrimination.

New Hampshire, USA: Third GOP House Member Supports Defense of Marriage Act RepealLGBTQ Nation reports:

A House panel is holding a hearing on a proposed amendment to New Hampshire’s constitution that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. The measure passed the Senate unanimously and if three-fifths of the House agrees, it would go before voters in November. The constitution currently prohibits discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex and national origin. The amendment would add sexual orientation. The state already prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation in statute, but supporters want to enshrine the protection in the constitution.

Wow – in the space of ten years we’ve gone from amendments to strip us of constitutional protections in more than 30 states to a state proposing to enshrine protections for the LGBT community in one of these sacred documents. I feel like I’m living through history sometimes.

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