Dallas LGBT Community Planning a Road Trip to Homophobic Restaurant

Written by scott on May 30th, 2014

Big Earl's signA group from the Dallas LGBT community is planning to visit the East Texas restaurant that told a gay couple “we don’t serve fags here.”

CBS reports:

“I think the restaurant better learn to adapt or they will probably have to close their doors soon,” says Kyle, who identifies himself as a gay man. He and others in the Dallas LGBT community are planning to make a road trip to Big Earl’s. “I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’ll be there,” says Gary Burns. “There’s no reason not to just go and embrace those people and to love them and hug them and say ‘hey, we’re human beings too’.”

The restaurant is ready:

If there’s any problems, they will be taken care of appropriately,” says Christina Cheney, who is Big Earl’s daughter and the waitress who made the homophobic remark. “We are aware that they are attempting to come out here. We’re ready for them; we have informed the Sheriff’s department and the state.” And while Big Earl’s says they have received an influx of new customers since news came out, they should expect a new crowd in Pittsburg, especially with reviews like this from Bubba on Yelp: “Well, the food isn’t all that good, but this is still the best gay cruiser joint in Texas! I’ve picked up several dates there. All are very handsome, very gay men. I hear the owner offers discounts to men in chaps.”

Let’s hope things don’t get out of hand.

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  1. Arturo Rizzo says:

    Well, some things are meant to be. Nobody wants to see people hurt, however , Big Earl and his ” lovely’ Daughter pushed the wrong buttons. This will definitely draw attention to Texas. Nobody in my generation wanted or asked for Stonewall, but where would we be had it not.

  2. David Powers says:

    Some years ago, before the civil rights bill had passed in the US, a group of students sat in at a restaurant with a very good liquor business in Cincinnati and all ordered cokes. One black man was among them. The restaurant refused him service. The students said that they would drink their cokes until he was served. Segregation at that restaurant ended that day.

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