Facebook Bans Queer As Folk Producer for Marriage Equality Post

Written by scott on May 24th, 2014

Facebook QAF censorship

Facebook’s censors seem to be running amok this week. The massive website has now come under fire for banning a US QAF producer for posting a celebration of Pennsylvania marriage equality.

Pink News reports:

Del Shores had originally posted on Wednesday to commemorate equal marriage becoming law in Pennsylvania, referencing a scene from the US version of the show. He wrote: “Today, a fan pointed out that Debbie can now marry Carl! Why? Because in one episode of QAF, when Carl asked Debbie to marry him, she said she would not until gay marriage was legal in Pennsylvania. How amazing! It’s an amazing time in history!”

How, exactly, is this offensive? Facebook has since apologized, but we seem to be seing more and more of these incidents related to LGBT rights and photos of gay romance.

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  1. Kieran Bohan says:

    Yet I have reported this page for hate speech:
    and the complaint was not upheld.
    This recent post is just one example:
    ‘Homophobia is not real. Heterosexuals do not fear you. Your behavior just makes us vomit in our mouths.’

  2. Zion Moulder (Prometheus) says:

    Facebook has been acting more like China lately – Censoring anything they don’t agree with. Surprisingly, I thought Facebook would have a more liberal bias like most high-tech companies. Regardless, I hope someone creates an alternative soon.

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