Flipping the Script – Why the UCC Lawsuit Could Change Everything

Written by scott on May 1st, 2014

UCC LogoIn recent years, the religious and political right in this country has weaponized the Constitution. From bans on gay marriage to the right to own an assault rifle without a background check, the First and Second Amendments, in particular, have been used as a battering ram against equality, fairness and public safety.

You cannot make peace if you do not even know you are in a war, and people of faith and conscience in this country need to realize that the very rights that the Constitution protects are under siege by those who abuse and misuse constitutional guarantees.

This why what the United Church of Christ, my own denomination, has just done matters so much at so many levels. The UCC has taken a bold step in engaging this struggle, right at the heart of the abuse of religious freedom. This church just filed a landmark lawsuit against North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage, arguing that the state’s marriage laws violate the First Amendment rights of clergy and the principle of “free exercise of religion.”

Authored By Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite – See the Full Story at the Huffington Post

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  1. Lawrence Schlatter says:

    I am proud of the UCC. They, and the Unitarians and others have done a wonderful job of promoting equality. Churches can do much in this fight. Iowa got same sex marriage largely because of the courage of the Des Moines Unitarian minister, who married a same sex couple when a window opened for him to do so. The state Supreme Court then had to rule on the issue, and with one legally married same sex couple in the state, they ruled in favor of marriage equality. Iowa is a state of small communities, and the summer after the ruling, these small communities had a party, when couples who had been a part of them for years could finally get married. It was a great time to live there. My partner and I plan to go there to get married, since we do not have that same freedom in Ohio, where we live.

  2. Rico Camacho says:

    Good for the UCC.

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