Marriage Equality Round-Up 5/8/14

Written by scott on May 8th, 2014

Lesbian Marriage bookHere’s our daily quick round-up of the marriage equality and LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we just didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Thailand: The country is becoming popular with LGBT parents seeking to adopt. full story

UK: Protesters dogged Uganda President Yoweri Museveni during his visit to the UK. Why is the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office even letting this bigot into the country? full story

UK: A Derbyshire lesbian couple say someone called their venue anonymously to try to cancel their wedding reception. full story

UK: Shadow Equalities Minister Gloria De Piero is criticizing the government for tkaing so long to allow same sex couples to convert civil partnerships to marriages. full story

USA: In his latest Gaywatch segment, Jon Stewart looks at the injustices faced by lesbians around the country this month. full story

USA: A new guide book for married and soon-to-be-married lesbian couples has been released. full story

USA: HRC released a new report saying that 53% of LGBT people are closeted at work. full story

USA, Iowa: The editor of the Newton Daily News was fired after he called gays sinners in a personal blog post. full story

USA, Mississippi: Another Mississippi city, Bay St. Louis, has passed a non-discrimination resolution unanimously. full story

USA, Maryland: M. Brooke Murdock, the judge who ruled against Maryland’s marriage equality ban, is retiring. full story

USA, New Jersey: Will Governor Christie punish the state’s Chief Justice for his support of marriage equality by denying him reappointment? full story

USA, North Carolina: Same sex couples are marking the two year anniversary of the ban on marriage equality by demanding marriage licenses at the state capitol. full story

USA, Texas: The Houston city council has delayed a vote on a proposed anti discrimination ordinance until next week. full story


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