Coming Out as a Gay Republican

Written by scott on June 13th, 2014

GOProudOne of the hardest times in my life was when I came out. I had lots of friends who loved me and accepted me, but how could I know if they would love and accept me when a major secret regarding who I am was exposed? Millions of men and women across the country had been ostracized and ignored for what I was about to tell my inner circle, but I came out anyway.

“Friends,” I said, “I’m tired of hiding from you, and I’m tired of living a lie. I am a Republican.”

For LGBT Republicans like me, coming out of the Republican closet is often as difficult, if not more difficult, than coming out of the gay closet.

Perhaps the most irritating thing about being a gay Republican is the one question that we are often asked: “Why are you a gay Republican? If you care about equality for the LGBT community, then why aren’t you a Democrat?”

By Jeff Davis – Full Story at The Dallas Voice


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