You Gotta Watch This “What Would You Do?” Segment

Written by scott on June 19th, 2014


In a recent segment on “What Would You Do?”, the show filmed a gay couple in a restaurant in Mississippi. reports:

ABC News’ John Quinones took his “What Would You Do?” hidden cameras down to Vicksburg, Mississippi. As you may recall, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant recently signed a bill into law allowing business to discriminate against gays based on religious beliefs. Quinones placed a gay couple in a Mexican restaurant to see the reactions they would elicit in various scenarios after it became clear to other customers that they are together. The show even went so far as to kick the couple out in order to see what would happen.

Watch it through to the end to see how two straight college students stood up for the couple. It made me cry.

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  1. Carol says:

    I’d be so proud if this young man was my son! Bravo!

  2. Trevor Andrews says:

    seems like the objectors are basing their statements on religious affiliation. What happened to freedom of religion which is what this country was founded on. Also doesn’t the bible say that to drive someone away from God is the greatest sin. How would this couple feel about inviting God into their life after this. I personally have removed Christianity from my personal dogma after been treated the same way by countless Christians, including my family.

  3. Scott Plummer says:

    Wow! He makes me proud to be an American. What a fantastic young man. As others have pointed out in other places, the Bible does not speak of committed gay relationships and the passages used against gays do not speak to that issue.

  4. Tina says:

    No, Trevor. The Bible doesn’t say anything even remotely close to “to drive someone away from God is the greatest sin.”

  5. Kayce says:

    You notice it’s always the fat, ugly lazy women who would have to actually get off their lazy asses and support themselves if they weren’t married. That is why they are so threatened. They know that a MAN would be preferable over them even to a straight guy, if he had the option. Frigid ugly cows, every one. And anything but Christian!

    And them men that have a problem with it know they would not be able to stay in the closet if the laws were changed.

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