Florida Marriage Equality Plaintiffs Ask for State Supreme Court Hearing

Written by scott on July 29th, 2014

Florida Marriage Equality plaintiffsThe plaintiffs in the Florida marriage equality case in Key West are seeking to bypass the appeals court and go directly top the state Supreme Court.

Joe.My.God reports:

The two Key West bartenders who two weeks ago won their marriage lawsuit in a Monroe County court are petitioning to have their case heard by the Florida Supreme Court. Via the Miami Herald: On July 17, Monroe Chief Circuit Judge Luis Garcia declared Florida’s 2008 gay-marriage ban unconstitutional, ruling against Bondi, whose office defended the ban. Huntsman and Jones have not been allowed to marry: Florida law mandates that an automatic stay pending appeal is triggered when a public official loses a court case. “We’re filing in the court of appeal, a motion, in layman’s terms, to pass through the jurisdiction of the third District Court of Appeal and to send the case directly to the Florida Supreme Court,” Restivo told the Miami Herald. “It’s going to certainly bring this case quicker to finality. It’s going to apply this case, one way or another, to the entire state of Florida, once the Supreme Court rules on it.”

Will the Supreme Court take the case, or send it back to wind its way through the appeals process?

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  1. gregg says:

    Frankly I think the supreme court should hear it and make a ruling. Everyone deserves the same rights to be married to the person of their choice. The people yes voted on it back in 2008 but a lot has changed since then and regardless how you feel or stand on the matter is time for it to be heard before the Florida supreme courts and allow the courts to hear and decide. If you are for traditional marriage then by all means marry by your faith or beliefs but not everyone should have to do the same just respect your decision as should you one who would choose different than you. I support marriage equality for everyone! The term traditional besides has changed through the ages. A tradition can be defined as what you believe in as a person or group so to imply that a traditional marriage should only be between this person and that one or well traditionally women and daughters had no say in who they married the father or husband arranged it and whether you loved the one he chose you married them. Let’s try that tradition today and see how far that goes. Marriage should be about love and your commitment to the one you choose to spend your life with not about traditions that have been changed and revised to fit only one belief. We accept and on most choose to believe in god or not and if I said well I don’t like your faith and you can’t believe that way so your gonna believe in my faith that is not what this country was founded on not what we fled England. It’s we the people not just we the straight or gay or whites or or African-American s or Hispanics etc equality should be in every form every race religion or gender which should include the right to marry the person of your choice regardless of sex gender race religion! If your straight and don’t believe in gay marriage then don’t marry someone gay and vise versa. There’s room for all and though it might step on your beliefs is like TV ya don’t like the show then change the channel and don’t watch it!!

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