Gay Couples React to Anti Gay Ads

Written by scott on August 31st, 2014

Gay Couples React

OK, something fun for your Sunday – gay couples react to anti-gay ads together: reports:

Remember those hilariously awful anti-gay marriage ads a few years back? The ones that tried to paint a ominous future for America should we (God forbid!) allow gay couples the same rights as heterosexual couples? Well YouTube user Michael Rizzi has dug up some of those absurd ads and asked gay couples to watch and react. The results, as you can probably image, are quite entertaining.

It’s hilarious and heartbreaking. “Is it possible to want to laugh and cry at the same time?” one of the guys asks.

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  1. Maria says:

    This question of “where’s your mommy?” can also be “where’s your daddy? It can be asked to a child of heterosexuals who’s mother and father are not together and father and mother is considered “mommybaby or daddybaby” and choose not to get married or be together and you have the homosexual couples who actually want to get married. The child has 2 dads or 2 moms which is more than I can say about heterosexual singles raising a child alone.

  2. Miranda Richter says:

    I’m a straight women and I’m Christian. I found this ads to be stupid and so uncalled for. All it is doing is spreading hate. I think people should marry for love weather that be a man and women….a man and man…or a women and women. Who has the right to tell someone how they can live their life and who they can love… NO one !!

  3. Tim says:

    The comical quality of commercials created by people who live in constant fear is a little scary– I don’t like that I find their sad lives amusing, but I do. Live without fear people. People are people, gay straight or otherwise– no one is trying to ruin your perfect world. I can have rights without lowering the value of the rights you already enjoy.

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