Hiding Bigotry Behind Specious Arguments

Written by scott on August 31st, 2014

You know what I admire about bigots? And I’m not referring to the merely prejudiced, mutter-out-of-the-corner-of-their-mouth bigots, but the real wackos, the warped, scary, neo-Nazi, open Klansman, proudly sign-their-name haters.

You know what’s kinda great about them?

At least they’re candid. No pussyfooting around for them. They state their hate boldly, cast their slurs loudly and only then try to back it up with whatever false theories they believe support their irrational hatreds.

For everyone else, it’s the other way around. They timidly roll out their specious argument first, as if that were the important part, the crucial logic that made up their impartial minds, and led to their subsequent negative opinion, an unfortunate by-product.

Authored By Neil Steinberg – See the Full Story at the Chicago Sun Times

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  1. Kent Vanhook says:

    Interesting. there are flamboyant drag queens; “the in-your-face, here’s-a-dime-go-call-your-mom-and-tell-her-you-saw-a-real-one, I’ll-read-her-beads, the whole-9-yards, that’s-okay-I”m-more-man-than-you-can-handle-and-more-woman-than-you’ll-ever-be” type of drag queen. Perhaps they should both meet for afternoon tea! 🙂

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