Wisconsin Domestic Partner Registry Upheld By State Supreme Court

Written by scott on August 1st, 2014

Wisconsin MapThe Wisconsin Domestic Partner Registry was upheld as constitutional by the state Supreme Court yesterday.

Gay Star News reports:

Same-sex couples still can’t get married in Wisconsin but they can continue to register to have some of the rights heterosexual married couples automatically have. The state’s supreme court ruled Thursday (31 July) that a 2009 that established a registry for same-sex couples in 2009 does not violate the state’s ban on gay marriage. The registry grants same-sex couples such things as insurance benefits under their partner’s plan, the right to inherit assets upon the death of their partner as well as hospital visitation and medical leave to care for their partner.

Funny how AG Van Hollen, who claimed that “The most important duty of Wisconsin’s Attorney General is to defend our state laws and Constitution” in defending the state’s ban on marriage equality, had no interest in defending this other state law. Hypocritical much?

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