Marriage Equality in Fort Lauderdale This Week?

Written by scott on September 7th, 2014

Broward County Clerk Howard FormanIt’s possible, as a case there has passed its deadline for appeal. reports:

A Broward County, Florida clerk is contemplating whether to start issuing marriage license to same-sex couples starting next week following the passing of an appeal deadline in a case overturning the state’s gay marriage ban, Equality Florida reports: On August 4, Broward County Judge Cohen ruled Florida’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples unconstitutional – and included the state must recognize legal out of state marriages. The judge stayed the ruling allowing for a 30-day appeal period. But as of Thursday, the deadline has passed and no appeal was made to the ruling.

What will Broward County Clerk Howard Forman do? Let’s hope he comes down on the side of equality. He is due to decide early this week.

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