New Florida Marriage Equality Poll: 46% Support Ban, 45% Opposed

Written by scott on September 5th, 2014

titleWe still have a ways to go on marriage equality support in the state of Florida. A new Florida poll shows that more people support the ban that oppose it.

News 13 reports:

“Everyone should have their say in who they should respectively be with and not who the government says they should be with,” said Rosie Snow, same-sex marriage supporter. However, the majority of Floridians did not feel that way just six years ago when they passed the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. “It’s like who really cares, who’s doing what with another person as long as you love them. Who really cares, right?” questioned Jay McMasters, supporter of same-sex marriage. So who does care? We asked the question in our exclusive Florida Decides statewide poll. It turns out that 46 percent of likely voters polled said they want to keep same-sex marriage illegal in the state, with nearly 45 percent of voters saying the law should be overturned.

Of course, that’s a huge improvement from the 61.9% of Floridians who voted for the ban in 2008.

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