New Group “Evangelicals for Marriage Equality” Formed

Written by scott on September 10th, 2014

 Evangelicals for Marriage Equality ad

There’s a new group of evangelicals supporting marriage equality.

The Dallas Voice reports:

Evangelicals for Marriage Equality is serious and group spokesman Brandon Robertson has some impressive statistics to back him up: A third of evangelicals 34 to 48 support marriage equality and 43 percent of those 18 to 33 support marriage equality, according to Robertson. The group planned to launch with an ad that was rejected by Christianity Today. “There are hundreds of verses in the Bible that talk about love. There aren’t any that talk about the definition of civil marriage,” the ad reads. Whoa. That’s kind of racy for Christianity Today. How dare these evangelical extremists actually read the Bible.

More and more religious groups are supporting marriage equality, and it’s great to see some evangelicals jumping on the bandwagon!

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  1. Mr Eric G. Osterberg says:

    Now this is a pleasant surprise.

  2. John Wong says:

    God is Love. Tradition of hate and discrimination is not God.

  3. Lisa N says:

    THANK YOU, Evangelicals for Marriage Equality, for speaking up and leading the way. This world needs more Christians who understand God’s love, put judgement aside, and join us in the fight for equality.

  4. Steve Rider says:

    We will see more and more Jesus industry professionals realizing that they will lose their income stream if they keep up the Holy Hatred for Jesus.

    The day will come when Christians jump at the chance to defend their gay and lesbian friends. Then Christians will deny they were ever homophobic just as they now deny Christianity was ever used to justify slavery.

    Otherwise the bucks just won’t keep rollin’ in.

    Stupid religions for stupid people.

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