Seriously? What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying – October 31st

Written by scott on October 31st, 2014

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay marriage equality opponents are saying and doing around the world.

Gay Marriage Supporters Are Equality Nazis, Self-Hating Gay Says

Openly gay UKIP MP David Coburn seemed to take great glee in knocking members of his own community who fought so hard for marriage equality:

“What you’re doing with the gay marriage issue is you’re rubbing people’s noses in the dirt. Everyone had agreed and been quite happy with the idea of civil partnership, it was all bedded in and people were happy with it, they got used to the idea. But when you go across the road to pick a fight with someone of faith, that’s not got anything to do with it, that’s the equality Nazis trying to give Christianity a jolly good kicking. You know it, I know it, we all know it – it’s false bollocks, the lot of it.” He also said that LGBT rights advocates’ successful campaign for marriage equality in Scotland only matters to “some queen who wants to dress up in a bridal frock and dance up the aisle to the Village People.”

It’s bad enough to see such rank homophobia coming from anti-gay “christians”, but to see it from someone who should know better is truly disturbing.

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Giving Gays Equal Rights Is Just Like Raping Travelers

Pat Robertson is incensed about the Houston LGBT rights ordinance, comparing it to the raping and death of a woman in the Bible:

Robertson said Judges 19 was a story of “militant homosexuals” who wanted to rape a Levite traveler in Gibeah but ended up raping his female concubine, who ultimately died. “These homosexuals abused her all night long,” Robertson said. Robertson suggested that Houston might face fate similar to that of the Benjaminites of Gibeah: “Benjamin had been annihilated. They had killed all the women, they had killed a good portion of the fighting men, they burned a number of their cities, it was a complete mess. Why? Because they had defended these rapist homosexuals. Is that a message for Houston? For someplace else in America?”

It strikes me that these people are all up in arms that some subpoenas were sent to group of pastors. But they’re totally fine with Pat Robertson and his ilk comparing gays and lesbians to rapists and murderers?

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Climate Change Alarmists Promote Homosexuality to Control Population Growth

Wow, this one’s out of left field – Family Research Council president Tony Perkins manages to combine two of the right’s favorite boogeymen – climate change and gay rights – into one great fear-based money pitch:

A listener called in to tell the Family Research Council president that he thinks the reason homosexuality is “promoted is because it doesn’t lead to reproduction and that’s why it’s promoted. There’s this anti-life agenda, there’s a total anti-human, anti-life, human beings are a virus, type of mentality.” Perkins responded that the caller was “absolutely correct,” saying that he once wrote about how “climate change alarmists and those who are pushing population control” actually “promote homosexuality” because “there’s no procreation there. They go crazy, they deny it but the evidence is there, it’s footnoted in my book.”

Let’s take an informal survey – when were you first contacted by a climate change alarmist and turned gay? On the other hand, it’s great to know you’re doing your part for the environment every time you sleep around.

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Lesbian Mayor Has Houston Under Totalitarian Rule

And Tony Perkins is back for another go-round, this time accusing Houston Mayor Anise Parker of being a totalitarian:

“It may be Halloween, but even Mayor Annise Parker can’t mask her real agenda. The Houston leader couldn’t have been clearer yesterday that while she may have withdrawn the churches’ subpoenas, she has no intention of withdrawing from the battle over fundamental democracy. Remember, this whole saga began when the Mayor pushed a bad special rights ordinance, which morphed into a voting rights violation when she discarded over 30,000 signed citizen petitions. From there, it mushroomed into an attack on the First Amendment, and pastors started to challenge her totalitarian rule. While we’d like to think yesterday’s move was the result of the Mayor’s changed heart, it’s more likely the result of overwhelming public pressure. No doubt the Mayor would like the national scrutiny to go away, but as long as she continues to use her power to intimidate voters, the spotlight will remain.”

Lest we forget, the city council passed the ordinance – it was not put into place by fiat. And the Mayor had nothing to do with the subpoenas, but did order them withdrawn once the religious right and Fox News turned up the heat.

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  1. Fran Gershwing says:

    These people are sick, we cannot listen to them or pay attention to what they say, unless they’re directly (I mean, *personally*) attacking us, we must not be concerned with them.
    They’ll pass as bad chapters of history, like the shows of carnage and martyrdom at Roman’s Colosseum, the beheading in YT, all the corruption and violence of patriarchal society, etc.
    All this will be overcome by exponentially increasing numbers of open minded people everywhere.
    Remember, the number of countries and US states where gay marriage is approved continues to grow, with a new one added almost every month.
    We live in favorable times for freedom and spiritual honesty, and these people are powerless before the huge wave of change that’s sweeping over the world right now!
    I’m optimistic, they’re powerless!

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