New Poll Shows 43% in Ohio Support Marriage Equality Referendum

Written by scott on November 4th, 2014

titleThere’s a new marriage equality poll out in Ohio, asking Ohioans if they support or oppose a proposed referendum to legalize marriage equality.

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

By 3 percentage points — 46 to 43 percent — they oppose a gay-marriage proposal currently getting signatures to appear on the statewide ballot, probably in two years. Of course, that’s still a huge turnaround for a state that a decade ago voted 62 to 38 percent to define marriage in the Ohio Constitution as solely between one man and one woman. And the poll was taken of likely voters for today’s election, which many Democrats are skipping. Ohio’s electorate could be far different in 2016, a presidential election year.

The biggest qualifier of all is that the U.S. Supreme Court may make the Ohio petition drive moot by ruling on the constitutionality of gay marriage before it ever gets on the ballot. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Cincinnati, currently is mulling cases from Ohio and three other states. Many experts say the ruling by that three-judge panel — especially if it upholds restrictions on same-sex marriage — could set the stage for definitive action by the Supreme Court.

The last poll we had showed 50% support for marriage equality in the state. Of course, this one is slightly different, asking for support for an initiative to repeal the state’s ban. It doesn’t tell us if some of those are opposed because they don’t think that rights should be voted on at all.

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