Seriously? What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying – November 4th

Written by scott on November 4th, 2014

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay marriage equality opponents are saying and doing around the world.

Gays Are Created by Sexual Abuse And Distant Fathers

That’s the gist of Christopher Doyle’s argument for ex-gay therapy:

“Homosexual feelings are often the result of underlying sexual trauma or emotional detachment from same-sex peers and parents – when individuals realize the source of their feelings and pursue healing in their lives, change happens. In my work with the International Healing Foundation, so much of our ministry is dedicated to working with church leadership to help them better understand how to minister to those who experience SSA – we’re helping them transform their pews from one of judgment and condemnation to hope and healing.”

Speaking for my own experience, I was never sexually abused as a child. And I was always close to my father. In fact, in recent years, we become even closer. And guess what? Still gay.

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Gay Marriage Will Make Me Stop Worshiping the Lord

Don Boyd, a right-wing wingnut, submitted a motion to intervene in the South Carolina marriage equality case:

“DON BOYD, MUSICIAN AND PSALMIST, Anointed and Assigned as a Watchmen of the souls of the people errantly calling themselves lesbian and gay WOULD PURSUE DISMISSAL of what is in essence and in truth a RELIGIOUS matter couched of late as a secular deprivation of constitutional rights by the Gay Agenda (of said people errantly identifying and calling themselves lesbian and gay) apostate and rebellious from The Most High GOD and Creator LORD of all the Earth, covetous of the Portion of those marrying and given in marriage in this world, troubled and incited of that Wicked One Lucifer the Devil unto discontent with Divine Constraint their Portion and glorious Calling in this life unto Reward of the Next. [snip] Any ratifying of gay “marriage” would compel me to leave off worshipping THE LORD with music and psalms – free exercise of my religion – to assume the life of a protester and wedding crasher.”

Seriously, if your faith is weak enough that two guys down the street getting married is enough to end your devotion to God, your faith isn’t very strong.

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Were Totally Gonna Boycott Starbucks More

The folks over at The National Organization for Marriage, who been boycotting Starbucks for years, are apoplectic about the new ad featuring two drag queens:

“The pro-same-sex marriage corporate behemoth Starbucks has taken its ideologically-driven LGBT agenda to a new level with a new ad featuring two reality TV star drag queens. The ad feature Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano, two drag queens from a reality TV show on the LGBT network, OUTtv. Thus Starbucks continues to serve up a healthy dose of ideology added in with the cream and sugar in its cups of coffee. It’s as good a reason as ever to Dump Starbucks if you haven’t made the commitment to do so already.”

As Joe my God points out, their petition for the boycott, after three years, has just 70,000 signatures. But most of them were probably already getting their coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts instead.

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