Single Dad Asks for Advice on Helping Son Come Out

Written by scott on November 18th, 2014

nowpostThis story will warm your heart – a father accidentally discovered his son was gay, and then asked the internet how to help him come out.

Pink News reports:

Reddit user HeMeYou was left “overwhelmed” by advice from online strangers after accidentally discovering his son might be gay. Buzzfeed reports the 38-year-old father posed the question to Reddit after finding Google searches on his son’s iPad suggesting he wanted to come out. He said: “I found out my 13 y/o son is gay… He hasn’t told me, but I want to support him. What can I do?”

Ultimately, the father opened up the conversation with his son:

At the dinner table the same day, while we were eating we had a couple minutes of silence, not much was heard apart from the cutlery and my son finally said “I actually wanted to tell you something in the car, but I was afraid you’d get in an accident..”

I looked up from my plate and looked at him straight in the eyes… I could see he was thinking about something and all I could think of was “OMG this is it…”

He said “Dad..” with a couple seconds of silence “..I’m gay”.

I looked at him and couldn’t help myself from smiling, and I told him “____, you know I love you so much… right?” and I got up and gave him a huge hug. He even started to cry on my shoulder and because of that I couldn’t help myself but shed a couple tears.

What an awesome Dad.

Concluding his post, he said: “After dinner and after he finished his homework we both lay in our pyjamas on the sofa, while I was watching the Cooking Channel and he was playing on his iPad. “I had my arm around him and he was leaning his head on my chest, and all I could think of was that I’m the happiest father on earth right now.”


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  1. Eric Osterberg says:

    This is how it should happen. May the father and son have many wonderful years of happiness.

  2. William Salto says:

    You… ROCK, Sir!!!
    Your son, is very lucky, to have a great Dad, like you!

  3. Henry Saunders says:

    if only all parents were the same the world would be a better place.

  4. Carol Green says:


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  5. Carol Green says:

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