A #Texas Family Defies the Haters and Loves their Gay Son – A #Holiday Message:

Written by scott on November 25th, 2014
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Nancy K. (Middle)

We loved our Gay son – period | Originally seen on SeanSala.com

“Celebrate Me Home,” for the Holidays. – By Nancy K. 

This weekend I’ve been busy taking down my Thanksgiving decorations in order to fill the house with my wonderful obsession; the Christmas Holidays!

While doing so, of course I had to play my Christmas music to begin my joyful tradition!

My first choice of the season…”Celebrate Me Home” by Kenny Loggins.

As I was singing along at the top of my voice, “Home for the Holidays, I believe I’ve missed each and every face – let’s turn on every love light in the place”   I just stopped after carefully setting out my childhood Santa’s  that spelled out “J O Y”, I stared at those words and just listened to the entire song.

All my heart could think about was everyone, absolutely everyone being home for the Holidays and turning on every love light.   For me, the term “Love Light” means being open to pure truth and acceptance – love with no conditions.    You see, I am the proud mom of a Gay son. When he comes to visit he will be home for the Holidays surrounded with love.   The Love Light in our family has always been turned on. As the song says, “he will find himself totally surrounded in our circles.”

As I stood there staring at that simple 3 letter word “JOY” and listening to the words “Celebrate Me Home” I thought of the many kids that were facing hatred, unacceptance and very conditional type love, because they are gay.  They do not have this Joy in their soul. Joy doesn’t just happen, it is acquired from acceptance for the beautiful spirit that they are.   Are they being celebrated home this holiday season?  It is time for this acceptance, surround them in your circle with Pride.

When our son was just a 3 years old, we knew.   His dad and I always embraced his differences.  At Christmas time, we honored all of his wishes.  After all, for children it is a time of magic, wonderment and they are watching to see if Santa “listened” to their hearts desire!

One Christmas our son’s heart desire was a very special order – a pink Convertible electric car!

This was a mission my son’s  dad was determined to accomplish.  It took a lot of work, but on Christmas morning, my son awoke to the magic of seeing his pink Convertible electric car sitting right under that tree! Naturally, we would  love and honor our son  for who he is.  Gender expression is something we should cherish, even if it’s against the status-quo.

There is one song that my son will always remember, “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper.  It was my lullaby to him, dancing on my toes as I sang to him this song! I wanted for him to know, before he knew, that his True Colors would always shine through.  When the day came that he wanted to share with us his True Colors, we were so happy for him!   We knew almost his whole life.  We made the condition that it would be on his terms. We loved him for who he was – period.

Parents – there is a line in this wonderful holiday song that stands out, “It is a very uneasy highway,” yes it is.   Our job as parents is to make sure that this uneasy highway leads them to a home that is celebrated with complete love.  This is the season, right now to turn your love light on. If your relationship is dark, do not allow your child to sit in this darkness one minute more.  They are only waiting for that phone call from you. Please, bring JOY into your child’s life.   This will be the greatest gift you could give at this beautiful season of love.

All your child wants, all any of us want is to be Celebrated Home!

It’s time

Celebrate them home



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  1. Debbie Hilton Beasley says:

    What a wonderful-loving tribute to your sweet son. I also knew Cody was gay at a very young age. I was so proud that he had the strength to tell the world that he was gay and was no longer hiding it. Every parent should love their children unconditionally, and It is so terribly sad that those that can’t miss out on the “Joy” you referred to. From one parent to another, God bless you and your special family!

  2. Bill says:

    There are good and decent people, even in Texas where radical conservates get most of the spotlight. The mental midgets everywhere rather reject those they have chosen to hate and embrace the dogmas of radical religious nuts! Love always wins over hate!!!!

  3. You have a beautiful Son, someone will be so lucky to be able to share their love with him, and to comfort him and be with him for life. Your family is gorgeous thanks, for loving your son unconditionally and with out hate. I am too a gay man. And it took me 52 years to come out and find love of my life. LOL

  4. Eric Osterberg says:

    Congratulations to such a wonderful family who understands humanity. We are gay and my partner and I of over 52 years have been married for over 10 years. We are both retired and living the American dream. May the family have all of the best America offers. Happy Holidays.

  5. Dianne C. says:

    Nancy, this was beautiful to read! Adrianna called me to ask me if I had seen it and so she read it to me as I had not yet been on FB. You and Peter have two incredible and amazing sons, I know they are as proud of you as you are of them. Thank you for saying that we all need more love and for parents to reach out, we need to keep saying it. I loved reading this.

  6. Paul U. says:

    If every gay child had parents like u then the world would be a better place. If only my parents could have had the same wisdom, understanding, compassion and unconditional love that u have for your son then our lives would have been completely different. You are an example and a true inspiration to the world. Thank u so much!!

  7. Sharon R says:

    Oh Nancy! You are what every parent should strive to be, regardless of their child’s gender preference. I hope we can all take your words of wisdom and apply them to our own lives. Our primary purpose on this earth is to unconditionally love and support the greatest blessings God gave to us, our babies! Have a wonderful, blessed holiday!! YOU ARE SUCH A BEAST, WOMAN!!!!!!

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