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Written by scott on February 16th, 2015

Matt BaumeOrdinarily, I would say that we’ve pretty much conclusively won in Alabama. Judges are issuing licenses in just almost every county, federal courts have made it clear that equality is the law of the land, and in any other state, that would be that.

But no other state has Chief Justice Roy Moore making up new rules as he goes along.

There’s no telling how he might react to having failed to prevent marriage from starting — he’s already bent the law so far that it’s clear he doesn’t really care about what’s legal and what isn’t. He’s out of legal options, but he’s only just begun to explore non-legal ones. Expect more unpleasant surprises from him this week.

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  1. Shuvonil Nag says:

    I think it is his ego that is making him go nuts all the way. He knows he has lost the battle and nothing cannot be done but just do not want to accept it.

  2. scott says:

    I agree. It’s hard for some people tp accept defeat, especially when they KNOW they are right and the rest of the world just won’t see it.

  3. Cameron Coder says:

    Why doesn’t the law arrest this jerk either the State Police or Sherriff has the power to do it

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