Bigotry in Arkansas and The Roadmap For Future Discrimination

Written by scott on February 26th, 2015

Matt Baume

In a follow-up video to last week’s yummy fireside chat on the ongoing “cake wars” and why bakeries in certain states can’t refuse to do business with gay folks, Matt Baume tackles Arkansas’ new law banning local governments from passing LGBT anti-discrimination protections.

Taking viewers on a trip back in time to uncover the insidious origins of the bill, Baume reveals how the benign-sounding “Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act” could very well serve as a blueprint for future anti-LGBT laws across the country.

As Baume says, if there’s anything we learned from Star Wars Episode I, it’s that “the best way to conceal a great evil – an evil that can shake a Republic to its very foundations – is to make it incredibly boring.”

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  1. Angelia Frazier-Henson says:

    Thank you for drawing attention to SB202 in Arkansas. That road map goes even further though. The companion bill HB1228 actually makes it legal to discriminate based on “sincerely held religious beliefs”. There are 30 such bills across the country right now. The bill here in Arkansas actually gives people permission to violate laws if it is there “sincerely held religious beliefs” and makes stopping them, even if it violates other laws illegal. This is getting insane. The backlash for marriage equality has begun.

    #Standfor5 Arkansas Stonewall Democrats campaign to get a brave Legislator to sponsor a bill to add the 5 words “sexual orientation and gender identify” to the state Civil Rights Act. This needs to become a national campaign too to add those 5 words to the Civil Rights Act of the US Constitution.

  2. t horn says:

    How do we sign the petition that you mentioned?

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